I love working with people who say they’re awkward. Why? Because I like to prove them wrong

“She genuinely has a gift for making anyone feel comfortable in front of a camera, no matter how awkward or nervous you may think you are.” -LaKeshia


The name’s Camille, but you can call me Cammie. You know the super cheesy female lead in rom-coms who believes in fairy tales, cliches, and is hopelessly optimistic? Welp, that’s me. I believe in crazy, out loud love. The kind you can get lost in. I don’t care who you love and I don’t care what you look like—I care that you’re obsessed with your partner and we have the best day ever, documenting your love story together.
It makes a lot of sense that I got into the wedding business. Weddings are kind-of a physical representation of who I am as a person. Lots of sparkle and glitter, pretty backdrops, kisses and snuggles, and a whooooole lot of laughs. This industry is me, personified, and I love being a part of it.
Wait … you want to know more? Fine, I’ll give it to ya. I grew up in Memphis, and met the love of my life here. We bought our first house 3 years ago, and have 2 adorable dogs (the most adorable, fight me). I’m quirky and Joanna Gaines obsessed. I spend a lot of time editing (#duh), decorating our house and shopping online (I have a problem, y’all). I believe in embracing your weird, whatever that means for you.


Who are you?

You’re fun, happy and definitely a little quirky. You love life and relish every tiny moment. You’re adventurous and naughty and could not care less what people think. The idea of posing for photos might make you cringe (and I am the perfect remedy for that!), and you have a keen eye for the details. Your wedding is a HUGE adventure and you can’t wait to have all your favorite people partying in one place. If this sounds like you, then I think we could be friends!